Police and the security service. Krav Maga training for police designed in particular for those related to those who serve and public safety organizations, including:

  • Training for Police
  • Training Government Protection Bureau
  • Training for internal security agency, etc.

For security reasons and adjustment of the level of training, civilians can participate in training after an earlier interview and verification. Department of Law Enforcement is part of each of the instructor training in Israeli Tactical School

The sample program training Krav Maga Law Enforcement:

  • Attack with cold weapons (real weapons without the possibility of firing)
  • Levers, control, handcuffing
  • Body searching
  • Fight with multiple aggressors
  • Attacks and fighting with weapons
  • Active Shooter
  • Cutthroat in the crowd
  • Treats using grenades
  • Approach to the suspect
  • Handcuffing (handcuffs made of plastic and steel)
  • Suicide Bombers
  • Grey situations (aggressive, but passive)
  • Teamwork
  • Escape from a blocked car

Theory of an action:

  • Prevention VS Defending
  • Levels of awareness and preparedness
  • Suspect VS clean-identify potential risks
  • Proactive behavior

Resistance, control and arrest demonstration by Mateusz Orczykowski


Krav Maga Trainings/courses

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Krav Maga for Army


Krav Maga is designed to prepare soldiers for physical and mental level to what might happen to them on the battlefield. Hours of exhausting marches, disposal and fight against guards, combat arms (cold weapon-using weapons when you can’t or don’t want to fire), hostage situation (weapon treat), fight with a knife and a variety of other items needed modern warrior on the battlefield. Krav Maga was originally developed for the military. However, the soldiers are also people and training methods and methodology of teaching are consistent with the methods used in a civilian version of the KM, the difference lies in the requirements and specifications of selected techniques. Different techniques are needed for soldier, and other affected a woman on the street. For example: a soldier to defend against a knife attack will use the rifle, a woman can use hands, possibly handbags or other objects of daily use. All activities for soldiers are carried out in full gear of the individual so that they can have real conditions of the battlefield (changed balance, Center of gravity, additional weight, etc..) Our Military trainings are intended only for uniformed services and are conducted by a licensed instructor of Military Krav Maga.

Leading Instructors: Mateusz Orczykowski – Head of program Israeli Tacical School Krav Maga  Mateusz Orczykowski main instructor Israeli Tactical School of Krav Maga. Conducts training courses for ITS instructors of Krav Maga worldwide. He has 18 years of professional training Krav Maga; attendee specialty training in personal security, combat, combat shooting and VIP protection, carried out by the best Krav Maga trainers from all over the world, among other Eyal’a Yanilov’a, Gabi’ego Noah, Sahar’a Kardfeld’a ( for 20 years the head of training for IDF-Israeli Defence Force), Amnon’a Darse and others. He participated in various Krav Maga experts trainings (black belts) in Israel in 2011. Up-to-date deepens and develops their technical skills and teaching, practicing under the supervision of the leading instructors of KM in Poland and abroad. In 2009 he completed the basic Military course instructor of Krav Maga led by head of the combat training of the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) Sahara Kardefelda. Techniques and tactics of small arms was educated in Poland and Israel under the watchful eye of former Israeli instructors special service (Shin Bet) and former operators of the Special Unit the SAS (Special Air Service). Matthew is a specialist of neutralization of the “active shooters” and handle the short guns in direct confrontation and connect target shooting with melee Krav Maga. In addition, is a member of a number of specialist courses in European Security Academy, such as: Tactical Pistol Basic/Advanced, Dynamic Pistol, 10 day course of CQB, Dynamic Carabine, VIP Protection

  • Instructor of Israeli Tactical School Counter Terror Academy – Senior Instructor
  • Instructor of combat shooting and Defense (Polski Związek Służb Mundurowych- nr. ewidencyjny kursu 2/st/2015)
  • Israeli Tactical School Krav Maga Lead Instructor
  • Instructor of tactics and techniques of intervention
  • Sports and recreation Instructor permission issued by the Ministry of sport and tourism

AK 78

Krav Maga & Law Enforcement Instructor

Served 16 years in the Israeli Secret Service (Shin-Bet) Chief Security Officer,

Special Agents for Close Protection team leader and KRAV MAGA black belt

instructor. Alex lead the Krav Maga division in Israeli Tactical school. Our

Krav Maga division focus mainly on Israeli Secret Service special agents for

Close Protection mission profile. How to apply Krav Maga and shooting skills

during the Close Protection mission profile tactics.

AK 78 ID isn’t available since he’s still active as reserve officer in one of

government agencies in a sensitive role.

Courses & Trainings

All our trainings are adapted to the requirements and the profile of the service of our clients. There is also the option of combining training Krav Maga with training tactics and shooting techniques. Our trainings can be carried out in the place indicated by the recipient or in our closed training center.

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