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Founded in the United States and in a number of offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia by Tomera Israeli and instructors trained by him. Academy offers a unique program of Krav Maga (Hand to Hand Combat) and tactical shooting according to the doctrine of individual shooter CQB Israeli The Secret Service.Combat and tactical training program was created by soldiers of the elite units of the special Israeli army (Sayret Matkl), special services (Shin Bet) and Special Branch police Yaman.ITS training in personal protection, VIP protection, detection and surveillance, air traffic safety, crisis management, crowd control, behavior in active shooters situation scenarios.Provides training for civilians and police formations, military Special Forces and government units.Furthermore, Israeli Tactical School offers training and exercises with the Israeli combat system Krav Maga. Our courses are based on the curriculum of Israeli security forces, and our only goal is to maximize efficiency and usability in everyday life and while serving.

In our offer you can find among other things:

  • Long and short weapons shooting training
  • Sniper training
  • Training of shooting and CQB for individual officers
  • Krav Maga training for civilians, police officers and the military
  • Training of tactic/combat for combat teams, military formation teams and anti-terrorist
  • Personal protection training/VIP
  • Training in the detection and surveillance
  • Air traffic safety training
  • Training in dealing with the situation of an Active Shooter, and knife attacker

We provide our training courses throughout the world, including:

  • For anti-terrorist unit in Thailand
  • For the Mexican police
  • Sheriffs of the State in the U.S.
  • ederal agents in the United States

TOMER ISRAELI –  founder and Chief Instructor

omer is a certified security chief in the Israeli security service “Shin Bet” (Israeli Secret Service). He served at the Embassy of Israel in Washington (USA) as the head of the team of special agents, dealing with the protection of VIPs. Is an expert in self-defense and the fight against terrorism.

Tomer-the owner of the Israeli Tactical School – has more than 23 years of combat experience and 20 years of instructor experience. As one of the few former trainers in “Shin Bet” that is staying beyond the borders of Israel he’s not only the owner of the school, but also its main instructor, training and he is granting permissions to different degrees of other trainers both within the The UNITED STATES and in other countries.

Tomer is also a former captain of the special forces of the Israeli army and served as the Commander of the far reconnaissance team in 2006, during the second Lebanon war. At the beginning of his military career, he was a member of the combat team of the Israeli branch of the Delta Force (“Sayeret Matkal” 1992, “Yuval Team”).

As an instructor, Tomer has trained soldiers and officers from over 45 formations, among which such as:

  • US Delta Force
  • U.S Green Beret
  • US Army Rangers
  • United States Secret Service
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • United States Marshal Service
  • Pentagon Police
  • United States Capitol Police
  • United State Department High Risk Close Protection
  • Baltimore City Police Department
  • Baltimore County Police Department
  • Howard County Police Department
  • Maryland State Police
  • Montgomery County Police Department
  • Swiss Army Delta Force



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