Israeli Tactical School – Counter Terror Academy Krav Maga School

The Israeli Tactical School Krav Maga combat training program and tactical training was created by soldiers of the elite special units of the Israeli Army (Sayret Matkal), Israel’s special services (ISA- Israeli Secret Service, Shin Bet) and the special Yaman police force. The company’s offer includes combat training for both the state sector, private companies and civilians. We specialize in public safety and training for law enforcement services by conducting specialized training for police and anti-terrorist groups. During our trainings we pass knowledge and skills in the field of shooting, VIP protection, hand-to-hand combat (Krav Maga), techniques of incapacitating, arrest and tactics of individual officers and entire task teams. Our instructors are former and present officers of the Israeli Special Forces with many years of experience in the field of anti-terrorism, VIP protection and public safety. Civilians, through participation in further and more advanced courses, participants can quickly and safely achieve a high level of service skills needed to solve everyday situations of threat associated with attacks by robberies or terrorist attacks. TAC glazing has been designed for people who wear weapons on a daily basis or especially for missions with an Active shooter profile.

We offer:

  • Krav Maga training
  • Tactical pistol / rifle
  • Anti-terrorist training / combat training
  • Executive Protection
  • Counter surveliance
  • Flight Protection
  • Tactics of “SWAT” action
  • CQB tactics

Mateusz Orczykowski – Head Instructor of Israeli Tactical School Krav Maga

Mateusz Orczykowski. He has 18 years of experience in Krav Maga training. Since 2009, he teaches Krav Maga and conducts training and shooting courses throughout Europe. Participant in specialized training in the field of Krav Maga, personal security, hand-to-hand combat, target shooting and VIP protection, conducted by the best Krav Maga trainers from around the world, including Eyal Yanilov, Gabi Noah, Sahar Kardfeld (for 20 years head of IDF-Israeli Defense Force), Amnon Darse and others. He participated in training seminars of Krav Maga (black belts) experts in Israel in 2011. He deepens and develops his technical and didactic skills on an ongoing basis, training under the supervision of leading KM instructors in Poland and abroad. He conducts Krav Maga trainings and trainings in the field of self-defense, melee combat, VIP protection and shooting shooting throughout the country. In 2009 he completed the elite course of the military instructor Krav Maga led by the head of training IDF (Israeli Defense Force) Sahara Kardefeld. The whole training took place in the 6th Assault-Assault Brigade in Krakow and soldiers of elite special units and instructors from around the world took part in it.

In 2011 he was a participant in the 10-day “Krav Maga” black belt camp in Israel under the supervision of Gabi Noah – one of the most advanced students of Imi Lichtenfeld.

He learned techniques and tactics in Poland and Israel under the watchful eye of former Israeli special services (ShinBet) and former operators of the SAS special unit (Special Air Service). Mateusz is a specialist in the field of neutralization of “active shooters” and handling of short arms in a direct confrontation and combining shooting with melee Krav Maga. In addition, he is a participant in many specialist courses at the European Seciurity Academy, such as: Tactical Pistol Basic / Advanced, Dynamic Pistol, 10 Day CQB Course, Dynamic Carabine, VIP Protection.

  • Main Instructor of Israeli Tactical School Krav Maga
  • Israeli Tactical School Counter Terror Academy- Senior Shooting Instructor
  • Combat and defense training instructor (Polish Union of Uniformed Services – registration no. 2 / st / 2015)
  • Licensed instructor International Krav Maga Federation with permissions
  • Krav MagaLaw Enformcent Instructor,
  • Krav Maga Military Instructor,
  • Instructor Tactician and Technician of Intervention
  • Sport and Recreation Recreation Instructor issued by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism
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Founder and main instructor of Israeli Tactical School – Counter Terror Academy Tomer Israeli is a former Israeli special-unit opener and agent of Shin Bet with 23 years of operational experience. Certified security chief at the Israeli “Shin Bet”, he served, among others, at the Israeli embassy in Washington (USA) as Special Agent / Head of the personal security teamj • Founder of Israeli Tactical School • 23 years of operational experience at SHIN BET • 10 years of instructor experience – Combat training • Former captain of Israeli Army Special Forces- Sayret Matkal • Served as commander of the remote recon team during the 2nd Lebanon War in 2006 • He was a member of the band in Israeli Delta Force (‘Sayeret Matkal’ 1992 ‘Yuval Team’) • Trained agents and officers 43 agencies, including: United States Secret Service – United State Department High Risk Close Protection – Pentagon Police – Baltimore County Police Department – Howard County Police Department – Maryland State Police – Federal Bureau of Investigations – United States Capitol Police – Montgomery County Police Department – United States Marshal Service – US Delta Force – Swiss Army Delta Force – RAID French SWAT unit

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